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As part of our suite of services to our valued clients we partner with professionals recognised in their field for the delivery of excellent customer service and expectations.  Having a broker that understands property whether it be your first home, investment or commercial is crucial to getting the job done.  Brett Colley & his team of experienced brokers and relationship managers ensure that everyone involved is kept up to date and they stay one step ahead of the banks. 

Once Formula 1 Finance have organised your finance they will work with you to ensure that your debt is reduced as fast as possible, without affecting your lifestyle.  It’s about understanding your family and what you want and then bringing a mortgage or investment debt reduction strategy into full swing.  This is not about focussing on where your money is being spent but rather about understanding what your short and long term goals are.  This coaching and ongoing financial assessment is all a part of the complimentary service that they offer.

With over 21 years experience and hundreds of properties successfully settled, they operate seamlessly and efficiently to move all parties through what can sometimes be a stressful time.  They will even come to your home and work with you via a secure portal to collect documents to save you time and money away from your work or home.

At Prime Property we love seeing our clients in the home of their dreams, or their investment of their choice.  It gives us great confidence to be working with likeminded professionals who clearly share the same values of having the client’s best interests at the forefront all of the time.




At first glance, the prospecting of selling or buying at auction can seem daunting. For many, it immediately brings to mind the prospect of a fast paced, high-pressure scenario, however the reality is quite different.

Far from being an uncontrolled environment, auction is a fair and transparent forum of exchange for both buyer and seller. While the atmosphere can sometimes be charged with excitement, the benefits for both parties are derived from the contract of sale being immediately unconditional at the successful conclusion of the auction. The successful purchaser accepts they have waived the cooling off provision and the purchase is not subject to further terms i.e. finance approval or buyer inspection clauses. It effectively makes any bid on the property an unconditional offer.

The Auction Group Founder, Gordon Macdonald, is a true craftsman. He brings showmanship and energy, without the slick. He makes negotiation an art form, without any need for underhanded tactics.

With almost a decade of agency sales experience preceding a seven year career as a dedicated auctioneer, Gordon has a reputation for patiently but tenaciously putting together seemingly impossible deals. As a trusted and independent third party, Gordon's honesty and straightforwardness help to instantly build rapport with all parties.

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