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Jenene Nicholson

Property Manager

Meet Jenene, our experienced and customer-centric Property Manager with a wealth of knowledge spanning over 30 years in delivering exceptional service standards to clients. Her innate understanding of customer needs, combined with advanced organizational skills and a warm, approachable demeanor, makes her the ideal fit for her role.

As a true local, Jenene has deep roots in the Buderim community, with three generations of her family calling this area home. Having witnessed the growth and prosperity of the Sunshine Coast community over the years, she possesses a unique perspective and insight into the local real estate landscape.

Jenene's connection to the region goes beyond just living here; she has also been an active part of the community as a past student at Buderim Mountain State School and Maroochydore State High School. This rich history reinforces her commitment to the area, its people, and its real estate market.

What truly sets Jenene apart is her ability to build strong and meaningful relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Her confidence in communication allows her to connect with clients and tenants alike, ensuring smooth interactions and addressing any concerns with ease. These exceptional interpersonal skills, combined with her life experience, bring immeasurable value to the team at Prime Property.

As a Property Manager, Jenene's top priority is to provide a seamless and positive experience for both landlords and tenants. She takes pride in managing properties as if they were her own, ensuring that each property receives the utmost care and attention. Her dedication to delivering superior service standards shines through in every aspect of her work.

Whether you're a property owner seeking a trustworthy and proactive manager or a tenant looking for a responsive and understanding point of contact, Jenene's expertise and warm approach make her the perfect choice for all your property management needs. With her in charge, you can be confident that your real estate investment is in the most capable and caring hands.

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