The Vendor-Agent Relationship

As with any relationship, communication is vital to ensure trust and transparency, and for both parties to get the best out of the connection.

Your relationship with your real estate agent will determine the success of your campaign. They will be representing your interests in what is most likely the biggest transaction of your financial wellbeing. They play a crucial role in not only finding the best buyer for your property but making sure you are well informed through the duration of the sales process.

There are some key areas where you will rely heavily on your real estate agent and being able to trust that they are keeping your best interests at heart is the foundation to the relationship.

  • From the commencement of the sales campaign right through to its conclusion, a good agent will have a well thought out and developed plan, which has been properly communicated and agreed upon by you making sure you are never left in the dark. There should be a number of contingencies in case things don’t go exactly according to plan. You should never have to ask the question “what now?”.
  • Your real estate agent will be representing not only you but your property. Their conduct, professionalism, knowledge and ability to communicate with potential buyers will play a large part in determining who is going to buy your home.
  • Everybody has their preferences when it comes to methods of communication and frequency. It may range from a quick text message once or twice a week, daily phone calls with updates, or a regular face to face chat with all parties involved. You should make your expectations known from the start so that you’re not disappointed. A good real estate agent will keep you well informed at all times, but will be guided by you if you have made your needs clear.
  • You should feel that you can trust your real estate agent unreservedly. There may be personal circumstances involved in the sale of your property that you should be able to share with your agent and trust that they will be discreet. Make your timeframe clear if there is urgency required, so that your agent can adjust their marketing accordingly. Of if there is no real urgency, let your agent know so that they can adjust their strategy and hold out for the best possible price and terms.
  • A good real estate agent will have the answers to most if not all your queries depending on their experience and expertise. However there may be times when they have to do some further research or investigation for you, and chances are they are also working for other Vendors and juggling multiple listings. Your agent should be able to give you a timeframe in which to respond, and make good on that promise.

During the sales campaign, your relationship with your real estate agent should become more comfortable and possibly relaxed but should always remain professional. Feel free to talk to your real estate agent at any time so that they are clear as to what you want from the relationship in terms of the sales process and the eventual outcome.

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