All Eyes On Me! Amateur vs Professional Photography.

With mobile phone camera technology advancing in leaps and bounds, image quality and colour has never been better. Everybody is taking photos all the time, and many of them are pretty good. Take it a step further and arm yourself with a cool new digital camera with all the techy gizmos, and the sky’s the limit. With all this modern technology at our fingertips, it raises the question – why should we pay for the services of a professional photographer? Surely we can take our own photos?

Very simply, the answer is a big fat no.

Sure, with the latest camera technology we can now produce pretty good images. And we can fiddle with a multitude of apps and effects to try and polish and perfect our pics. But what really sets a professional photographer apart from well, people like me, is their ability to produce really good work, all of the time. Excellent quality, delivered consistently, counts.

And by really good work, I mean the skills and experience that they bring to produce images from just the right angle, with just the right lighting and effect, to make mediocre look magnificent. A professional photographer specialising in real estate in particular, will have pretty good instincts about what will present best to the market.  And when consulting with the real estate agent, the professional photographer will know what demographic the photographs are pitching to. Is the focus on relaxed lifestyle? Or is it trendy apartment living? Or perhaps a rural retreat? Ultimately the best marketing only needs a dozen great photos at most – yes, you can have too many photos – and those photos need to be fabulous.  Especially in a very competitive market.

In an environment where you’re trying to attract the best buyer to pay the best price for your property, saving a few hundred bucks on good quality photos can potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

In a nutshell…

  • Your property will stand out – particularly if you invest in drone or video images
  • You will get more offers and will sell faster
  • Your property will sell for more

Decision made!

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