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The team at Prime Property Sunshine Coast are much more than a full service real estate firm. We are a group of talented and committed professionals who will make every effort to help you take the big steps in moving forward with your property decisions.

We firmly believe that until we spend the time to get to know who you really are, we can’t possibly understand your motivations and the realities of your life. This philosophy underpins our desire to get a true appreciation of what drives you. Of understanding not only the attributes of your property such as beds and baths, but your dreams and desires and what you wish to achieve with your property decisions.

As a homeowner, we understand that your home has been the site of your family’s history, with memories attached to it. And that the sales process may be entwined with lots of emotions and attachments.

As a landlord, we equally understand that you have most likely worked very hard, and probably continue to do so, in reaching your financial goals in relation to your property portfolio.

As real estate professionals and property managers, we believe that numbers are not the only things that matter in the business of real estate. What really matters is the people, the personalities and the individual passions that collectively shape a successful team and create a quality real estate business on the Sunshine Coast.

We are a multi-faceted team who are sales and property management experts, skilled negotiators, and excellent communicators, who promise to serve you with integrity and transparency.

As local experts, we at Prime Property pride ourselves on delivering results. Our skills, process and knowledge provide valuable insights into better decision-making to sell your home. Properties sold with Prime Property invariably spend less time on the market, and our experience and tools allow us to consistently sell above the market average.

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